Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Global Warming and the Politics of Fear -or- The Al Gore Sincerity Test

"It is quite clear that the evidence for very high mileage vehicles and other relatively amazing motors and other machines which do mechanical work, is becoming more than just anecdotal. Aside from the "inconvenient truth" of Al Gore's power bill for his numerous stately homes, could this be the inconvenient truth that corporate America does not want you to know?"

by Steve Lemelin
Perhaps Al Gore's scientists have it right. But also disturbing are the methods by which this issue is being marketed by today's controlled press. The politics surrounding this issue and the very obvious green light to a scientific contention which directly challenges one of the top most powerful business entities on the planet, the petroleum cartel, is causing suspicion among those who have a talent for smelling that something is fishy. A scientific issue which is propelled into the political spectrum and touted as trendy and backed by targeted government funding, continuous information campaigns (call it propaganda) and excommunication of any researcher who dares to challenge the new fashion in science, should be looked at with a very discerning eye.

The energy business, with its enormous influence in the media, regulatory agencies which purport to govern it(self) and Capitol Hill, seems to be putting up a mere half-hearted resistance to the idea that its primary product is accused of being responsible for making the sky begin its fall. The petroleum industry has also been known to be a funding source for the more popular environmental groups which throw their weight into thwarting new oil drilling projects, thereby preventing new supply from coming on line (thus protecting the price structure). Now to consider the influence and power that the industry wields, it is difficult to imagine that it has no control over policies regarding government funding of the research into the man-made causes of global warming.

"Who funds the environmental movement? The oil cartel (The Four Remaining Sisters), major corporations, foundations, and government agencies. Why has the environmental movement blocked construction of new oil refineries? Because The Four Remaining Sisters don't want competition." [1]

With the proposed changes in the works by those who believe they know what's best for us, as well as the mounting costs of the dependence upon a centralized energy distribution grid, the onus will be upon a larger portion of the public to take the time to rely upon more than just the alphabet network spoon feeding of "reality."

In light of what this blog attempts to expose; that is the mass mind manipulation of the public by way of controlling educational system curricula, the processing and/or withholding of information by the mainstream news media (lies of omission); the way in which the issue of global warming is framed, exhibits all the hallmarks of what it is, propaganda. This debate seems to be transfixed with the practice of crucifying ideas (and scientists) which differ from this relatively new cause celebre. Is it a new religion? No, it is a debate where recognition and government funding is only to be had if, as a scientist, you present an argument in favor of the desired goal. That's propaganda.

'Global Warming Is Lies' Claims Documentary
"The greenhouse effect is seen as a religion and if you don't agree, you are a heretic."

Of course, most of us desire to decrease the world's dependence on hydrocarbons as sources of energy. If not for the possibility that industrial CO2 emissions are the cause of what is thought by believers to be an unnatural warming trend, there are other reasons notwithstanding this seemingly new religion, that we should desire a change. Unless the dependency on petroleum is decreased significantly, the more immediate future could be made very difficult, but for differing reasons. Let's forget 'Peak Oil' for now (and if this theory holds true, than-- problem solved) . That is an issue which is also couched in the politics of fear, an historically effective public manipulation device and that reason alone should cause enough suspicion to leave the issue open to debate. As previously mentioned, there is gathering evidence which suggests that supply is being artificially restricted. Perhaps a very good motivation behind the desire to reduce dependence on hydrocarbons for energy production stems from the goal to empower the common man, stop middle east war mongering (and ergo, funding what is looking more like intelligence agency created terrorism to justify it), and for the planet to move onto the next step of the industrial revolution. Then, there is also this as far as the immediate future goes. At the current growth rate of commodities extraction, we are staring at disaster from a reality of the inability of the extraction rate of commodities to keep up with the rate of monetary expansion required to service debt (the central banking fight against deflation, a monster of its own creation). Even as new supplies of raw materials may come on line and the technology improved to extract them, the current expansion of the monetary supply is proceeding geometrically. China and India are a large part of this equation. Also, regarding crude oil, there is some evidence that there is replenishment which can occur when fields are left dormant. But with the rate of economic growth required under the current debt-based monetary system, there's no provision for slow and gradual growth or natural economic contractions as was the case with a monetary system based upon substance or the discipline of hard assets. With the current situation worldwide, without the ongoing high rate of credit expansion, massive global defaults and eventual deflationary collapse would ensue sooner than later, as it must. To date, there has never been a fiat currency which has enjoyed indefinite reign as a nation's declared medium of exchange in world history. What will likely result, under the current monetary policy, is a hyper-inflationary collapse of the world economic system. As the world's currencies multiply to prevent a deflationary collapse, demand will increase for commodities. Eventually, there will be an end game. Ultimately, the world's intrinsically worthless paper money are claims on services, goods, food etc., and goods are manufactured from commodities. Also requiring mentioning was the safeguard of a discliplined international monetary system tied to gold which made trade deficits an impossibility. This was removed in August of 1971. Currently, even if money were kept at a constant linear rate of growth worldwide, the world economic system would begin to encounter perturbations. We are in a Catch-22 and probably during our lifetimes, we will be staring at global economic catastrophe.

Given the "green" reasons to reduce hydrocarbon emissions and the collectivist tendencies of the constituency of the United Nations, the man made CO2 global warming agenda will most probably present solutions which include the implementation of draconian austerity measures and rationing; a furtherance of collectivist idealogy that the individual is subordinate to the State. "Do your part!" This may go as far as what has been expressed by the highest levels of the moneyed elite. That is population control. Could we be staring at policies like the China one-child-per-couple law? The implementation of Codex Alimentarius to take away the public’s ability to nourish itself properly to prevent disease and promote longer life?

Rationing is never required in a free market based system. Currently we do not have a free enterprise system. What exists today is effectively monopoly capitalism and it is as diseased a concept as communism and most all "isms." Add to that the Marxist inspired worldwide central banking system, including in the United States (see "Plank no. 5). Therefore, with the political controls placed upon the economy, any changes put forward to reduce man's imprint under the current energy infrastructure will probably include measures which will be nothing short of miserable for the common man, while it can be safely assumed that those who would control the transition to whatever plan that is, would not suffer so terribly. A new serfdom. In the extreme example of the former Soviet Union, its multi-year "Plans" for society have proven that government's attempts to plan anything regarding human behaviour as displayed in the economy, can have nothing but disastrous consequences. Disastrous, of course, only to those who are not privileged enough to belong to high level planning committees as was the case in the former USSR. But how could such a system designed to save us from ourselves ever be implemented en mass? The only way the new socialism (on steroids) will ever be implemented will be through the best motivator, fear.

For any solution to be beneficial to all, the world would have to see a return to a free market enterprise system or, at a minimum, for the transnational corporation run governments to step out of the way. For obvious reasons, today, the goal of allowing free markets to achieve solutions as they have in the past would be a difficult one. Control of government entities by the transnationals and the worldwide private central banking cabal stands in the way. Free market enterprise cannot exist in the current environment of central banking. But governments worldwide are beholden to their central banks. They borrow money from them and the income tax system is designed to collect the interest on a nation's debt.* The central bankers are the creditors. Debtors never tell creditors what to do.

Now, does Al Gore really want to solve the problem of global warming as he sees it?

You would think that maybe he would take a serious look at alternative energy research like say, water powered cars which are known to achieve three-digits miles per gallon with zero pollution. Or simply, for now, a gasoline powered Ford Galaxie which ran a 351 cubic inch V-8 engine which achieved over 100 MPG after some back yard "tinkering," (and as the inventor alleges, a subsequent $25 million offer from Shell Oil to shelve the project). It is quite clear that the evidence for very high mileage vehicles and other relatively amazing motors and other machines which do mechanical work, is becoming more than just anecdotal. Aside from the "inconvenient truth" of Al Gore's power bill for his numerous stately homes, could this be the inconvenient truth that corporate America does not want you to know?

Like here, for instance. And here. And here. And here.

The video below is yet more testimonial of the criminal supression of ingenius mechanics and scientists. So where's Al Gore when you need him? Is the solution merely going to be changing your incandescent bulbs for fluorescent ones? Give us a break! Maybe we should all write to Mr. Gore and see to it that he looks at this avenue to solve the problem of hydrocarbon pollution and while he's at it, dependence upon foreign oil. I'm not holding my breath. How much longer we will we tolerate gasoline powered four cylinder 1.6 liter engines in tiny vehicles which can only achieve mileages in the high thirties?

So, is this an energy problem or a political problem? Perhaps there's the long shot that the internet may allow us some hope, even if the public continues to be intellectually lazy, perhaps by way of the pocket book through direct marketing of developing underground technologies to people who can't bear the tax of the centralized power grid.

The politics of fear has proven to be the best method of extracting cooperation from the citizenry. The public need to be skeptical and demand free and open debate on this topic without the impetuous ad-hominems and destruction of careers of those who believe that they have conflicting data and want to have their say. The controlled media's talk of implementing hydrogen powered technologies, ethanol, and the rest of these net energy negative mostly non-sense contraptions will still ultimately result in the benefiting of the energy cartel as these technologies are merely poor batteries. This is why Al Gore can parade his presentation without resistance. Perhaps Gore is right. Again, this is not the issue of this essay. But we must ask ourselves, would Gore be allowed access to the stage if he were to include the current and historical examples of the hundreds if not thousands of extremely efficient automobiles, generators and the like into his presentation and the criminal supression of these endeavours? Solutions which would stand to benefit the planet by leaps and bounds? Probably not. If he did, only then would you know that he is sincere in solving a problem that can be solved now, and the solutions implemented, inside of a decade. So while we witness the global warming church inquisitors crush the credentialed nay-sayers, we can still spread the word and hope that the technologies which have been relegated to garages and small labs due to the purposeful dearth of funding, if not brutal criminal supression, can be exposed at the grass roots. If Al Gore refuses to acknowledge these technologies and achievements which are historically replete, then he will be presenting himself as a charlatan and he should be shoved aside. Any doubt that he is a handled man will continue to fade with time. Al Gore, a man who has been commissioned to do a job which probably has to do more with the psychology of the gullible than the environment.

*With two-thirds of everyone's personal income taxes wasted or not collected, 100 percent of what is collected is absorbed solely by interest on the Federal debt and by Federal Government contributions to transfer payments. In other words, all individual income tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the services which taxpayers expect from their Government. The Grace Commission Report