Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free-Range Humans

Let's take notice of the gigantic and growing array of mala prohibita statutes and regulations blanketing the entire planet, the increasing difficulty of movement from one "farm" to the other, as well as the taking of half or more of human productivity (or taxation) "for our own good," while contemplating the intellectual angle taken in the video short below.

Are governments of the "free world" of and by the people, or of and by apathetic acquiesence? With tax-exempt foundations editing school text books, mass-media admittedly run by government intelligence agencies, the easy availability of disease causing edible food-like substances and pre-ordained once a week spirituality, it's probably safe to say that as it stands now, efforts are in place to keep elements of the latter in force. The current political paradigm will last as long as the justifications for the current order remain believable. Will the usual justifications remain as the economic order undergoes a massive shift? What will replace it?

As discussed in this video, the advent of the industrial age allowed for greater excess production by more productive "free-range" humans. For a good while now, we human "commoners" have not been maintained on feudal lands or plantations. Most of us are free-range, now.

What isn't discussed in this excellent documentary short, however, is how gunpowder created a need for a less directly coercive system of sophisticated mental corrals (prisons of the mind) and an unaware population for what today seems to be a growing neo-feudalistic state.

"You Do Not Live in a Country;" Welcome to the Farm:

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