Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Investigating a Natural Cancer Cure; A Documentary, "Dying to Have Known"

Unlike Academy Award producer Aaron Russo's America: Freedom to Fascism, Michael Moore had little problem distributing his new film SICKO. Interesting. While Moore advocates socialized medicine, which is somehow supposed to make us all healthier, others point to the real problem with the medical industry vis-a-vis degenerative diseases; the lack of knowledge by street level medical practitioners which would otherwise allow them to effectively promote preventative healthcare. A large reason for this problem is not only the existing nutrition myths, for example, that animal fat/red meat causes elevated levels of cholesterol, but also because there is no profit in healthy people. Obviously, the majority of the US population has little clue what the consequences may be to their health, beyond heart disease and/or a weight problem, for lack of knowledge. History shows that an administrative government "war" on something, like the War on Cancer, or the War on Drugs, entails that eradication of the problem is not the desired goal while keeping our eyes averted from seeking a true solution. See: Behind the Drug War--Scratching the Surface.

Those who would invite a further and complete government takeover into healthcare as a solution, are effectively advocating the preservation of the existing healthcare price structure and its inevitable cost increases by having government take over payments. The people are tapped out and this is the provided solution on the horizon. While Moore gives the impression that he is going against the grain (oh my, he went to Cuba), further contemplation about the ramifications of his assertions may lead the more astute to conclude that he is controlled opposition. Is not socialized healthcare what Hillary was pushing for during the Clinton Administration? Moore the democrat, is that not just the other side of the same coin?

The result of a complete government takeover can be compared to the prescription drug bill passed in late 2003, times a factor of 100 or who knows how many zeroes you could add to that. The cost of the Medicare drug bill has been estimated at $1.2 trillion. So how would you like to be in the 45%+ tax bracket even though you take care of your body responsibly and healthy as a horse? Talk to a Canadian resident.

Something is terribly wrong when one of three people will eventually be afflicted with cancer. The ten minute trailer below is an example of the mounting evidence of deliberate supression of natural (and lower cost) solutions for this epidemic. This treatment is an example of many which have been around for many years and thousands upon thousands of people have found themselves cured of cancer following certain natural health protocols. So why do most people march like nut cracker toy soldiers to have themselves injected with toxic chemicals or zapped with cancer inducing radiation to cure what is a nutrition deficiency disease? This is yet another example that is difficult to chalk up to ignorance, at the regulatory agency and medical research level. There is no profit in healthy people or non-patentable natural products. Therefore,under the guise of protecting what the State regards as children of the State (you and me), the heavy hand of the FDA destroys those who makes waves by curing disease and saving lives without the approval of one of the most powerful lobbies on the planet.

Watch this film maker slam the gate keepers in this short video trailer (give it 15 or so seconds to load):

For more information about this DVD, please click: "Dying to Have Known."


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DISCLAIMER: This commentary does not constitute medical advice. Please do your own research.