Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Running on Fumes: The Supression of Super Carburetor Technology

"In a court of law, if two or three people stand together and say the same thing, you can be hung. In the real world you can have thirty different books on [high mileage engines] and several thousand testimonials, but it's ignored since it can't be worth anything because it's not on tv!"
Bruce McBurney, HIMAC Research

You heard the story before; a man invents a carburetor and achieves 100 miles per gallon with a V-8 Chevy. Next thing that in suits show up and purchase the invention and shelve it, or the stubborn inventor goes to jail thanks to a corrupt judiciary or worse, disappears never to be heard from again.

Crazy conspiracy theories? For those who may not have seen this short video from a previous post, take a look at these short testimonials before making up your mind too quickly:

Although you might think that such accounts are just more of those many tales of conspiracy folklore, they seem almost too numerous to dismiss outright. It isn't very difficult to look into these patents, as many shelved patents are available for viewing at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. More on some of these patents.

So why, even as high mileage carburetor claims are found discredited on SNOPES; Nobody's Fuel, do inventor-tinkerers continue to spring forth, by name? Maybe none of it can be substantiated and these accounts persist because people simply like to day dream about beneficial inventions, but these tales simply keep coming. I used to accept such claims as neat camp fire stories in the past, but in more recent times, I can no longer be so sure. Here are a couple of documented examples of many others that I have since stumbled upon from decades ago. These are just two examples of why a reformulation of the reality of such possibilities might be reconsidered. There is this, and this one from a Shell Oil Company booklet; among other documents from the recent past. Surely these dated documents are outright lies, right?

Inventor Bruce McBurney contends that it is possible to crack gasoline further (subsequent to cracking at the refinery) before the combustion process as it makes it's way into the carburetor and engine intake manifold in a process called 'thermocatalytic cracking.' With the aid of certain metals, this catalytic process further breaks the gasoline down into a simple natural gas and methanol to burn super clean --McBurney Cracks the Code for Super-Carburetors. According to McBurney, he built his own retrofitted system in a 1976 Dodge Maxi-Van with a 360 cubic inch V-8 engine running at 70 miles per gallon.

Listen to this for yourself in this hour long interview (right click & save as target): McBurney interview of 16 July 2007 (other listening options here). Part one is also worth saving.

According to McBurney, the process is so efficient, that when a car has been running a retrofitted engine, it is possible to touch the intake manifold of the engine which has been running for a good while without the danger of burns or even to open the radiator cap only to feel luke warm water. Years ago, cars running on the legendary Canadian Pogue Carburetors [patent 2,026,798 filed on January 7, 1936] didn't require water cooled radiators in the winter. Efficiency means less heat radiated into the environment and more converted into kinetic energy.

As technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds, we still accept the current reality of four cylinder subcompact cars which still get well under 40 miles per gallon while being presented with outrageously priced four wheeled Rube Goldberg contraptions which are called 'hybrid vehicles.' The process of the conventional method of burning gasoline is so inefficient and therefore deemed unacceptably polluting, that the catalytic converter (McBurney calls it an "afterburner") was added to exhaust systems to breakdown and burn the fuel even further downstream of the engine thereby achieving red hot temperatures only for the heat to be released into the environment instead of performing work.

It is not easy to imagine the exact impact of the tremendous shift in the world economy and our lives if this alleged technology were advanced and were to flourish into the market place. Initially, the upheaval in the structure of the economy would create massive displacements, but the obvious improvements in all aspects of industrial society would be huge. Certainly, if any of this is true, there would be some powerful vested interests who would be very upset. Millions have died and continue to die to this day to preserve economic paradigms,which is what ALL wars are and have been about. Only continued and pathetic naivete will allow this situation to persist (can you name a war which began from the grass roots?).

from the science fiction novel DUNE, by Frank Herbert.

"Melange serves as the axis about which the human universe turns, it being required for space travel, and with most "Elites" addicted to (and living much longer because of) the drug. Herbert wrote that he intended for melange in the Dune universe to mimic the role that petroleum plays in current human society, in the way that the "Elites" of the 20th century were dependent upon the flow of petroleum for civilization to survive week after week. Following this line, Herbert wrote CHOAM to be the corporation with a monopoly on melange distribution, as a stronger version of OPEC, which is often perceived as being essentially able to set the price of oil by means of its control over a large amount of the world's oil production."

It is my contention that the centralization and control of energy distribution is just one of the methods that oligarchical rulers (the handlers of your visible politicians) assure the continued harvesting of productivity from the common citizenry. Other vehicles for feeding off this productivity include; the control of the monetary system and its accompanying personal income tax to absorb purchasing power from the working class (keeps us all working), control of the medical establishment, and of course, control of the three branches of government. There are two more that I can think of which is needed to make it all possible, and that is the control of the educational system and mass communications. In the meantime, humans continue to feverishly extract hydrocarbons from the planet at a rate barely able to keep up with the creation of credit required to maintain the deteriorating and artificially centralized economic systems. The sad part about all of it, is the unhealthy situation of the unnecessary release of massive amounts of hydrocarbon emissions, if this developed technology is indeed viable as an incredible alternative. A more overtly disturbing aspect of this which some are trying to bring to the forefront, is the lack of response from government when taken to task (please see: Energy Problem or Political Problem?). If Global Warming and Peak Oil (which somehow are able to exist concurrently), are real problems, this is not the reaction that we would expect. Should we believe that anthropogenic Global Warming is nothing more than a mode of pushing the tired old collectivist ideas to introduce austerity measures as in population control (Chinese style one child per couple), and "carbon taxes" as both of these have been already been spoken about from 'official' channels?

Highly efficient energy systems would indeed be welcome measures especially if these "emergencies" were factually more than fear-based bullshit posturing being executed as tools of control. But it seems that this is not what we are seeing. Remember during the last energy "crisis" (which we all now know was concocted), how the government was asking the public for ideas? Some of these incredible and working ideas somehow just conveniently faded away, didn't they? Some of you may be old enough to remember being told in the 1970s that another ice age was just around the corner, and now we are to believe that the current global warming can only be stopped if we return to the pre-industrial age? How ridiculous can this get? It would seem that pushing the fear agenda is a main tactic which helps entrench a growing and further centralizing government. Nonetheless, if just to maintain hope that we might one day keep the air cleaner and give the working class and our descendants a break, I ask that you please pass this information on.

McBurney offers his books on line for free --minus the diagrams (you can buy the books with a money back guarantee):

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