Sunday, March 4, 2007

"The United States of America denies that the Internal Revenue Service is an Agency of the United States Government..." (click here, pg. 3 para. 4).

..nor is the Federal Reserve an agency of the United States Government. America's been had....
"America:Freedom to Fascism"
A documentary by Academy Award producer Aaron Russo.
An award-winning Hollywood producer sets out on a journey to find answers to questions about the legality of the income tax – but soon discovers that there is much more being hidden from public view than simple tax issues. What he discovers is a quiet conversion of the American political system from a constitutional republic to a democratic dictatorship modeled along the lines of fascism – and it is happening without the public even being aware of it. For Americans, there is nothing more serious or more important in their lives than the issue raised in this film. Even outside the US, this will affect every aspect of your personal existence in the very near future.
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