Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Post-Terrorism Checklist & Raw News Footage From the Memory Hole Archives

With the current government assisted climate of fear vis-vis boogeymen-against-the-state, I thought it appropriate that we take a look at a short checklist that the citizenry might adopt and independently execute subsequent to every "lone" gunman assassination or act of terror. The mere question of "qui-bono" should be enough to cause the public to break out this checklist.

Without regard to "who" the actual terrorists are or could be, has there really been much thought regarding how terrorists who committed acts such as the Oklahoma City Bombing or 911 would have materially benefited? Is the intent of an organic act of terror a desire to cause the state to weaken? Subsequent to every emergency, evidence would not bear this out. Military spending, foreign adventurism, as well as the creation of a national security state and increases in surveillance of the citizenry is always the result. Beyond the simplistic notion of motive being revenge and anger by some angry bad guys bent upon "hurting us and hating us for our freedom," how about simply following who stood to gain the most if not profit-wise by the military-industrial complex, but by the disempowerment of the citizenry? Why not follow the money? I have yet to find information on the trail of money leading to 911-- in the 911 Commission Report. Although there is information to be had from other sources.

(a sample checklist)

1). The sophistication of the attack and the seeming inability of the surveillance apparatus of the state to follow the money trail to who or what financed the operation.

2). Government release of the names of the suspected perpetrators within hours of the event in order to prevent free and independent speculation from "street-level" law enforcement investigators and the public. This is accompanied by a neatly packaged official story which ignores glaring evidence.

3). The ignoring of concurrent witness statements and/or testimony which contradicts the official version.

4). An official timeline of the paraded suspects (patsies), which includes a well documented, yet very simplistically incriminating path leading directly to the crime. This is the smoke and mirrors which allows the unsophisticated citizenry to be led by the nose in reaching the desired conclusion regardless of contradicting and often irrefutable evidence such as forensic evidence.

5). Destruction of the crime scene and of the evidence (the 911 crime scenes and the Murrah Building), before a thorough forensic investigation.

6). Establishing the motive for state sponsored terrorism, the war against you: Thick legislation which may include gun control measures, restrictions of civil rights accompanied by increased surveillance and monitoring of the public. For terror acts said to originate externally, sabre rattling for aggression toward a foreign state usually for the control of mineral commodities. The level of suspicion should be directly proportional to the speed at which seemingly pre-written and voluminous legislation is presented to law-makers after the event. Time is of the essense before the impact of the event fades and fear is more valuable to the state than the suspicion aroused by the swiftness with which the legislation is brought forth.

7). In some cases the "accidental deaths" of officials and key witnesses to the event. Operatives engaged in such events are often dispatched after they have exhausted their usefulness.

8). In the case of a political assassination, a search for evidence or clues that the murdered politician made promises and/or acted to empower the citizenry at the expense of government, the corporations which run government or the bankers who own government.

If there's one thing Orwell got wrong about the future in his book 1984, it was the sustainability of the state's grip on the distribution of information. Since the state apparatus cannot always control all avenues of information, the Memory Hole has been a valuable tool of information manipulation and propaganda. Such is not the case today, where the public can recall live news coverage on the internet surrounding the event(s) of interest. The extent of the random nature and free flow of information on the internet, the ability for anyone to access certain items of information from the Memory Hole at will, verify it by checking more than a few limited sources and to share it, creates a problem for the current statist paradigm to continue indefintely. Little by little though, we see creeping attempts with legislation disguised as "protection for the children," to filter and control the internet. This, from a bunch of pedophiles. As a hard and fast rule, in order to maintain a grip on power, the ruling elite must maintain a grip on the minds of those they would desire to rule. No exceptions. To keep minds in check, you create a climate of fear, attempt to control information and/or set up disinformation campaigns to limit empowerment of the citizenry and seek to control the avenues of information beginning with the education system.

The most accurate information is information obtained fresh after an event. Unedited and uncut news video often fits the bill. This may include information which might never be reported on or aired again, but nonetheless obtainable due to viewers who know better and switch on their VCRs and digital recorders immediately as things unfold, knowing full well that there is a possibility that the mind control machine may go into a full reality shaping cycle which usually includes never showing raw footage again.

Now, let's take a look at the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City of April 19, 1995. In the raw video news footage on scene subsequent to the event, not only are there countless witnesses sounding off, we also hear from the news desks, reports of official statements confirming what witnesses have stated as well as revealing statements from official sources. Of course, once the ministry of propaganda gets up to speed, the public is eventually told what they saw or are seeing and what happened on the particular day of interest. Keep in mind that the clips you are about to see were buried and witnesses to (disregarded) material facts, were never subpoenaed to appear before the grand jury or the trials. One witness actually wrote to the court offering her testimony which differed greatly than what was officially reported or allowed to be revealed at trial. The response from the court? "No, thank you."

From the Memory Hole video archives:

A lttle addition to the video you just saw. A few official documents below regarding the presence of, and what was also described at the scene as, undetonated high explosives. You may click on the documents to enlarge them:

A FEMA Situation Report:

Portion of US Forces Command Daily Log:

DOD US Atlantic Command

Many questions remain regarding the bombing of the Murrah building. These include questions of a forensic nature and perjury from the FBI crime lab regarding the presence of ammonium nitrate (fertilizer) at the scene which would fit nicely with the given scenario by confirming that a fertlizer bomb may have been involved in causing damage.

Let's hear some of what former FBI crime lab supervisor and whistle blower Dr. Fred Whitehurst had to say about that in this interview:

Entire interview with Dr. Whitehurst (right click, "save as")

BATF Tipped Off?

Now with all the evidence and obvious cover-ups pointing to a most probable source of violence waged against the population; evidence which is replete all over the place, not much thought should be required to make some connections here. This and examples of new evidence from a bit further back in history, should allow for most humans to extricate their craniums out of their rectal orifices in order to engage in some serious thinking. The talent of discernment and awareness as applied toward the critical analysis of the legitimacy of government action is not a function of intelligence, but more a function of the extent to which artificial wombs are constructed by emotionally fragile humans, who would regard the state as a protective nanny once separated from the bosoms of their mothers. Once a critical mass of individuals recognize the fact that the implied social contract between the public and the state is a one way street, (i.e. loyalty to the state obligates no legal reciprocation by the state to protect the public), governments, which operate on the basis of coercion and violence, will begin to lose their power. Should things proceed to that point, don't expect this dying dragon to go out without a violent writhing of its tail. Sometimes paradigm shifts are accompanied by instability. Individual empowerment begins when the manipulative tool of the state, fear, no longer exists. Now the race is between the achievement of critical mass of awareness among the population and the next state sponsored act(s) of terror in order to frighten the naive and gullible mass of people who would insist that their overlords restrict their freedoms in order to merely feel safe. Does living in such a cage make life worth living?

If this look at the OKC Bombing peaked your interest, you may click the source link of the following:

".....blast through air is a very inefficient energy coupling mechanism against heavily reinforced concrete beams and columns. Second, blast damage potential initially falls off more rapidly than an inverse function of the distance cubed. That is why in conventional weapons development, one seeks accuracy over yield for hard targets. That is also why in the World Trade Center bombing (where the only source of blast damage was a truck bomb), the column in the middle of the bombed-out cavity was relatively untouched, although reinforced concrete floors were completely stripped away for several floors above and below the point of the bomb's detonation (see Time Magazine, 3-8-93, p 35). By contrast, heavily reinforced concrete structures can be destroyed effectively through detonation of explosives in contact with the reinforced concrete beams and columns."
"Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building" by Benton K. Partin, Brigadier Gen. USAF (Ret.)

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