Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Domesticating the Enemies of the State

In the winter olympic sport of curling, curlers induce the path of the granite stone as it slides across the ice by the act of sweeping the brooms. This is the distinct metaphor I get when I reflect about how culture is likely not a pure product of random evolution (or devolution).

In his debrief, Russian defector and former KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov stated that only 15% of his former employer's budget was directed to espionage or what Hollywood portrays as the majority of national intelligence agencies' chief functions. The other 85% was dedicated toward manipulating reality or social engineering for the sake of making it easier for the ruling class to achieve desired ends. Taking a close look at the modern historical record beyond the tax-exempt foundation edited school text books, the discerning eye eventually discovers that this is pretty much the case for the west as well. This is not just about the surface-level political reality or the obvious Hollywood themes like government officials lying or false flag operations to get the nation-state into war or about assassination. We're talking about getting down into the weeds here. Examples include social engineering down into the details of how the family is structured or how children are reared. Notwithstanding Plato and his recommendations for the ruling elite class to shape society and culture, more recently, Bertrand Russell expressed himself quite cleary on the matter:

"The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated.”

In other-words the public will not be allowed to know how it’s beliefs and opinions were scientifically manipulated.

"Ordinary men and women will be expected to be docile, industrious, punctual, thoughtless, and contented.'" The Scientific Outlook by author Bertrand Arthur-William Russell, a renowned British philosopher, a supporter of eugenics and World Government. [Link]

Well, how about that? But how exactly to go about it even beyond the classroom? Let's take a look at what Mr. Bezmenov had to say. Then, let's have a look at one historical event in US history which changed society. That event in 1969, basically ended the counter-culture movement.

Charlie Manson: A Funded Change Agent?
Select quotes from the transcript of the 13 October 1971, broadcast on KLRB radio, Carmel, California by researcher Mae Brussell. The MP3 audio file is available for download below:

"He was used. He was a person who had been in jail twenty-two of his thirty-two years of life. He was the product of our penal system. He was not a hippie or a part of the youth culture. They bought him a guitar, let his hair grow, put a leather jacket on him, gave him money, gave him a bus and credit cards, and told him to do his thing."

"A prominent attorney by the name of George Shibley who works with groups in the Middle East—in Beverly Hills he has powerful connections—met with Charles Manson just before he got out of jail in Treasure Island. No one would know how Charles Manson would get such a famous Beverly Hills attorney to visit him before he was paroled. No one will ever know the conversation that transpired between those men. But what we do know is that when Charles Manson got out of Treasure Island in 1967, at the height of the Haight Ashbury scene, he got a large bus. And he did not buy it. He did not have a job, and he had credit cards for gasoline. In the trial some subject was made up that one of the girls stole a credit card from her family to buy Charlie gasoline. I am sure the parents would have had him arrested before long; you can't go for two years on a stolen credit card. Charlie was never arrested. And one of the questions in one of the articles I have is, it simply said: He had a credit card. In order to do a study of a covert operation, or a murder, or a simple murder: Who paid for the gasoline for Charlie Manson?"

"In the summer of 1969 there was a murder in Hollywood, California in which Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Mr. Frokowski, Abigail Folger, Steve Parent, and Mr. and Mrs. La Bianca were stabbed forty-four times. The newspaper did not know who did the murders, but it read in my mind like a military ambush. It could be no other way. It was described by people later as a military ambush. And for the reasons as this: These many people were slaughtered; nobody heard a sound; there were dogs on the grounds that didn't say boo; there was a caretaker in a guest cottage who didn't hear one gun go off, and guns went off; they didn't hear any screaming; nobody saw a getaway car; the place was completely destroyed; there was time to put hoods over the people, ropes on their neck, leave signs and symbols that would come down on a particular group of our society—two groups—and split. And no, not a dog was killed or barked. The fellow that lives on the grounds said he slept through it. And they shimmied up the telephone poles, cut the wires, left all this obvious evidence, and split. And the way the wires and the lines were cut I felt that it had to be a military type ambush."

"So I was watching how the hippie scene would be put down and what evidence there was that they had to crack it. I've mentioned on two different programs that in my neighborhood a man moved in from Texas. I think he gets tired of me talking about this, so this is the last time I'll mention him. He was dressed as a hippie, but he wasn't a hippie. He brought his children into this community. He lived a block from my house. He wrote a book for Henry Kaiser called Children of Change. (I'm repeating for somebody who hasn't heard the show.) A non-hippie from Texas, he lived here for about one or two years, walking down the coast, going the music scene. And he wrote, just prior to the Sharon Tate murders, that, "...the hippies would have made it..." —this is what Henry Kaiser published— "...would have made it if, number one: they had a sense of humor. And number two: they weren't so violent.....He is now at the Navy post-graduate school; He's Navy. He had to be Navy Intelligence. How did he get into the Navy post-graduate school if his undergraduate school was being a hippie on Big Sur road, walking back and forth on the highway?

"It's very interesting in my research on the assassinations that the very first man to publish an article on the Sharon Tate murder in my collection of the murders, before they had a suspect—the murders were in August, and they found the suspects in December—was a man named Ed Butler. In October '69 he wrote an article. The man who publishes the newspaper that he writes for is Patrick Frawley of Schick Razor and Technicolor, who is one of the third largest supporters of Richard Nixon—a far right-wing person. And he hires Ed Butler to write articles for him. Ed is an agent provaceteur who worked with Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans. When Oswald had the cover story that he was a communist, Ed Butler made a record for him. [This was] when Oswald said he was a member of the Fair Play for Cuba [Committee]. And he was the only member of the New Orleans area, and Ed Butler knew it. Ed Butler worked with Lee Harvey Oswald, so it's interesting that in 1969 the first person who has an opinion on who murdered these seven people would be Ed Butler; In my collection of articles we have Ed Butler. Now, what is this article called? It says Did Hate Kill Tate? And he goes into the fact that the Black Panthers are tied into the communists, and the evidence is that the Panthers killed these people; [they came] into middle class America and spread terror. This is what we call provaceteurs, agent provaceteurs, clandestine governments: where somebody is the first one in, and he's tied with all these other people and links."

"Lawrence Schiller is the man who gave Sue Atkins $150,000 to turn the state's evidence to say that Manson masterminded the murders. She made $150,000. It was described as an unusual legal trick. Joseph Ball, who worked with the Warren Commission, was with parties involved in the Sharon Tate massacre. George Shibley, who worked with Sirhan—and McKissick was in his office—they worked with the Sirhan case. They were in on the Sharon Tate case. The lawyers overlap."

"Lawrence Schiller says:
' was Charles Manson, a year out of prison, mingling with Hollywood stars in 1968... The Manson Family was, somehow, making it with the Establishment...And Manson was going to some of Hollywood's plushest parties. Lawrence Schiller is telling you that a year later Charlie is right in there with the biggest people of all. That's pretty interesting considering the lawyer that he saw before he got out of Treasure Island, and the lawyer that Tex Watson is seeing before these crimes are committed. These boys were wined and dined in the music scene, in the art scene, by certain people before the massacres took place."

"The Rand Corporation and other think tanks in America decide what to do for the United States of America."